Food Allergy Management Strategy for On-The-Go Families.

Food allergy management strategies that are effective, easy to implement, and last a lifetime.


Allergy Families Helped

The Food Allergy Gap

Your allergy journey isn't linear and you need help navigating new events.

Your child is growing up and needs to stand up for themself.

Your allergy strategies are an after-thought in your daily activities.

How I Solve Your Allergy Management Problem

• Collect research on your allergy journey, your strategies, and your biggest problems.

• The above information is plugged into my Allergy Problem to Solution Blueprint tool.

• The tool will help create the core strategy for effective food allergy management.

• All you need to do is implement the strategy step by step.

• I will train you on how to start the plan, run drills, and make modifications.


Matt Bomes

• 25+ years living with severe Food Allergies, Eczema, & Exercise-Induced Anaphylaxis

• Facilitated 150+ support group sessions

• Helped 5,000+ kids and their families

• 3x NCAA Student-Athlete, Quinnipiac University ➡️ Trinity College, Class of 2018

• Coach - Youth & High School Boys Lacrosse Club, Boston, MA

• Featured on 5+ podcasts including:

1. Feed Your Can by Lindsay Schultz
2. Chapter Twenty-Something by Kylie McDonald

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2. I will reach out to you within 24 hours

3. If necessary, schedule a 30-minute call

4. Walk through the allergy strategy process